I want to go back…. @Shakespeare_Co #shakespeare&co #paris #bookblogger

Oh take me back 😩

I’m feeling rather nostalgic this morning. My hubby and I have always gone to Paris for our wedding anniversary and unfortunately last year we weren’t able to go.

I’ve got major withdrawals and I just want to go back to the gorgeous Shakespeare and Company…..it is by far one of my favourite bookshops I’ve ever stepped foot in…..and look at that ladder 😍 I felt like Belle 💛

Has anyone else ever visited this iconic bookshop?

QOTD: What is your favourite bookshop?

Happy Saturday #bookstagrambuddies

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I love reading, it’s my biggest passion. You can always find me with a book in my hand!!

2 thoughts on “I want to go back…. @Shakespeare_Co #shakespeare&co #paris #bookblogger

  1. My favourite bookshop is Blackwells in Oxford, not so far away from where we live. But I buy very few actual books now, preferring digital books on my kindle and iPad. I know that’s sacrilege to many, but it’s great for travelling and referencing for writing and blogging.

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